Membership at Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union requires opening a Share Savings Account (savings in your credit union are called shares). Just like at your local bank, your ACFCU Savings Account is insured up to $250,000 by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration), an agency of the federal government. Check out all of our savings options above.

Share Savings

A Share Savings Account at your credit union usually pays higher dividends than most other financial institutions. Although you can deposit as much as you like in your savings account, new members can open an account with as little as $5.

Access to your money is a priority at Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union. Members can deposit or withdraw money from a savings account in a variety of ways, including payroll deduction (depends on your employer), direct deposit, by mail, by telephone, by ATM, or in person.

Certificate Account

A Share Certificate Account (often called a CD or Certificate of Deposit at other financial institutions) is traditionally considered one of the safest ways to save for a variety of reasons, such as a dream vacation or for a down payment on the home you've always wanted.

Certificate Accounts always hold their original value, unlike the stock market, plus they accrue interest over time. This makes a certificate account a perfect option for investors seeking a secure means for retirement investing. Certificate account dividends are paid monthly, quarterly or at maturity.

Dividend Rates

Monthly Dividend Savings

Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union also offers a Monthly Dividend Share Account for investors looking for higher rates but immediate access. This account pays high money market rates on a minimum balance of $20,000. Dividends are paid monthly and the rate is subject to change monthly.

Christmas Club Savings

For special savings needs, many members open our Christmas Club Account. Like the name implies, members can set aside a little money during the year to help purchase gifts during the holiday season.


Ensure your future today.

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out in life, or if you've been investing your money for the last forty years, Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union offers a safe and convenient place to invest for the future.

Check out the different investment options ACFCU has to offer above.

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