finance or refinance and get 90 days no payments!

DID YOU KNOWThe average car payment in the US is around $499 per month. YIKES! That's around $1,500 in just a short three month period. Ever imagined what you could do with all the money you spend on car payments? FIND OUT when you finance or refinance your current auto loan at ACFCU and get 90 DAYS NO PAYMENTS!*

We've thought about it, and we've come up with a few good ideas and a few not-so-good (but still fun) ideas and listed them below:

  • SAVE IT! In case of an unexpected event or emergency, it's always nice to have a little cashed tucked away.

  • GO SEE 37 MOVIES AT THE THEATER! Granted, you might want to save some for that trip to the dentist after all the popcorn.

  • PAY DOWN OTHER DEBT! Use your spare cash to pay off a credit card or two.

  • BUY THIS YEARS HOLIDAY GIFTS! We always say we'll start saving for Christmas early, but don't always get to.

  • BUY 1 PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE A DAY FOR 300 DAYS! That's almost a whole year of your favorite holiday pick me up (even if they are seasonal!)

  • INVEST IT! Speak with a professional about your options!

  • TAKE A VACATION! You deserve it, after all.

At Alcoa Community FCU, we offer some of the LOWEST RATES in Saline County! Plus, we make it easy to apply securely online and get approved fast. Whether you’re financing or refinancing, this offer is sure to lower your rate AND your monthly payment. Get started saving money today with 90 days no payments from Alcoa Community FCU.

*Membership eligibility required. Offer applies to vehicles not already financed at ACFCU. ACFCU Auto Loans booked at the dealership are not eligible. Minimum to finance and take advantage of incentives is $10,000. Financing available up to 75 months. Offer only available for new and used autos year models 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019

Once you’ve applied, fill out the survey below, tell us what YOU would do with three months worth of car payments and you could WIN $100!

This contest is open to the public. No membership eligibility is required. You do not have to apply for membership or this offer to be eligible to win.


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