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MyMoney is a Personal Financial Management tool available to our members through Online Banking!

MyMoney will help our members to take a consolidated look at all their personal finances and plan their budget accordingly. MyMoney not only allows you to work with your ACFCU accounts, it seamlessly connects with over 1,400 other financial institutions, giving you a consolidated view of all your financial account information.

ACFCU has made it easy to sync all your accounts like mortgages, car loans and credit cards - even those from other financial institutions - to help you set and keep your savings goals, set spending alerts, and even keep track of your accounts to make sure no one is hacking into your finances! This new platform enables you to categorize expenses such as groceries, gas, bills, etc. It's great for helping you create a budget plan that works for you, as well as stick to that budget!

If you are looking to save money for a new car or house, or just pay off a credit card bill, MyMoney is helping you reach those goals with a savings plan that you design under the "Goals" tab.

Never forget to pay a bill with the "Cashflow" feature that allows you to add your income and bills such as rent, utilities, insurance, phone bill, etc. to a monthly calendar so you can keep track of what comes in and what goes out on what day!

Whether you're trying to save money, pay off your debts or just keep track of your weekly expenses, do it with MyMoney - the easy to use, totally convenient and on-the-go Personal Finance Management tool brought to you by Alcoa Community FCU. Who said taking control of your finances has to be hard? With MyMoney, managing your financial life is easier than ever!

To get help setting up Online Banking or MyMoney, give our Member Service Representatives a call at 501.315.5626.