Alcoa Community Federal Credit Union’s Home Equity Line of Credit offers advantages that most other financial institutions can’t match. We allow you to borrow a higher percentage of your home’s value, plus our HELOC has a fixed interest rate. With regular Home Equity loans, you pay interest on the full amount of the loan until it’s paid off. With HELOCs, you only pay interest on the amount you withdraw, and your interest may even be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor. Our HELOC is available whenever you need it. Unlike a conventional home equity loan, there is no need to apply, wait for approval and pay processing fees each time a need arises. With a HELOC you only withdraw the amount you need when you need it.

Use your Home Equity Line of Credit for:

  • Home Renovation & Repair

  • Medical Expenses

  • Vehicle Repairs

  • College Tuition & Fee’s

  • Unexpected Expenses & So Much More!

For more information on our Home Equity Line of Credit Product, give us a call at 501.315.5626.